About us

Who we are

For us, a watch is not just a wrist device to only show time and date. Watches are also fashion accessories that gives elegance to the person that take it. And with the advance of technology, now people can even have a small computer in the wrist. 

Whether it is used when doing sport, in the day-by-day, in an elegant event or as an extension of the smartphone in the wrist; a watch must combine elegance, comfort and technology so the people can have a beauty, comfortable and reliable element on the wrist.
In consequence, to approach the best of beauty and technology in watches to the interested people, we founded UpWrist.com in August 2018.

Our mission

Allowing the people to acquire the desired watch anytime, anywhere and in a safe way, receiving it later at home. Thus visiting any physical store to buy a watch is no longer needed, saving time and effort.

Our vision

Making UpWrist.com the best watch online retailer, increasing the product offer and reducing the delivery times.

Our values

Customer satisfaction: We have several communication channels with them, such as online chat, contact form and presence in social nets. In this way, we expect to receive the claims 

Appreciation to our customers: We send them information that we consider it could be interesting for them, but we never send spam.
Respect our customers. We never give any customer personal information to anybody, no matter the purpose of who´s asking, except with a court order.